Thursday, July 14, 2011

Waiting is Hard...(Adoption Update)

We started this crazy adoption ride officially on March 18th with an e-mail to our social worker. April 13th we sent in our fingerprint cards and since then we have been waiting...and waiting...and waiting. We found out that they are sending out the clearances in large batches now and ours didn't go out until May 6th.

Finally we received our clearances last week, July 8th!

Let me just say...waiting has felt hard 
and this was only the first step! 

Our Social Worker will send our Home Study to the court by next week and we will have approximately 4-8 weeks to wait for our court certification to come in . According to our Social Worker there is a new judge processing the home studies and it is taking longer (wait was more like 2-3 weeks prior).  We should expect it to be closer to 8 weeks. When our certification comes in we will be certified to adopt in the state of Arizona.

Next step will be submitting our  I600A application to USCIS (immigration) to get fingerprinted and certified to adopt internationally and from our understanding this takes approximately 3 months. 

So lot's of waiting and learning to be patient! This is only the begginning so I know I will have lot's of learning and growing through out the wait. I have been really encouraged by other adoptive mommies out there to hear about their stories of God's perfect timing. 

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