Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday Recap!

We had a busy fun filled weekend celebrating Evelyn's birthday. On Friday we started the morning with presents, her free breakfast at Joe's farm grill and chasing butterflies....(Side story about the butterflies....we asked Evelyn last week what she wanted at her birthday and she randomly said butterflies! I wasn't sure exactly how to do that so I bought her a balloon shaped like a butterfly that she was happy about, well at breakfast we ate outside and among the flowers were tons of butterflies, Gods gift to her) 
So excited! 
Wearing her new dress up dress (from Goodwill! score) and playing with her new garden set  i made her
Yummy breakfast and sweet face
She desperately wanted a butterfly to land on her :)

After breakfast we went to Bounce U for their toddler bounce and Evelyn had a blast and even ZoĆ« got in on the fun! 
Between Josh and I she went down this slide like 20 time!
Not sure what this was (blow up donkey?) but she loved it!
After that we headed to the Gilbert Water tower splash pad to cool off and walked over to Liberty Market for Evelyn's free lunch (she decided on Spaghetti, lemonade and a cookie) We were all exhausted by then so we went home so the girls could take a nap. 

After naps Evelyn and daddy went to the store and picked up Evelyn's free dinner from Joe's BBQ and we had a picnic in the living room and watched Evelyn's new favorite movie Gnomeo and Juliet. Then bedtime and mommy and daddy stayed up until 1:30am getting everything ready for the big birthday party in the morning! 
Next post I will share all about her awesome Tangled birthday party :)

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