Monday, July 18, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday Rambles

So I just have some random thoughts bouncing around my head right now, none of which really have much point but I just felt like saying them out loud and well this is my blog now isn't it..... 

First... we rented a movie Saturday night 
We had already seen the previews and could tell it was too old for Evelyn but Josh thought it looked funny so he rented it for us. It definitely had it's funny parts but through out the movie we were both in shock at the language and innuendos they allowed in this PG movie! You can read a christian movie review here with specifics but it was shocking to me and we literally were both saying..."are you sure this was PG?" "check the box, that can't be right." Twenty years from now I can't imagine what will be allowed in a PG movie because it certainly wasn't like that when I was a kid (wow I sound old)

So onto a new subject... with help from a buy one get one coupon I think we found the best Mexican food we have ever eaten. Seriously. 
This place is in Mesa right across from AMC and whenever I saw it I thought... "wonder how that place is still open"... Well let me just tell you... we have been eating at the wrong place for way too long. I am not saying I am an expert on Mexican food at all but almost always I feel a little let down when we eat at our regular places... but this was good. 

So movies and Mexican food... not much depth there huh? Well I promise I do have some real thoughts bouncing around in my head too but I am still working them out so you are left with my randomness today.... 

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