Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Evelyn

Happy 3rd Birthday!
Happy birthday to my beautiful little Evelyn Mae. Three years has flown by and it has been an amazing blessing from God to have you in our family. You are such a joy. You are my sweetheart and I love you so much. I can't believe my little tiny 5lb 2 oz little girl is getting so big. You LOVE dress up and dancing and would do it all day long if I let you. A song can't come on without you running to your dress up box for a dress. You love being outdoors and playing in the water. Wrestling with daddy is a daily request. You have your mommies sweet tooth and love having picnics and watching movies. You love reading bible stories and playing with your little sissy. Play dates with your cousins are one of your favorite things to do and are always asking if one of them will play marrying you (which is dressing up and dancing together by your definition). You are beautiful inside and out. You have some of the most striking blue eyes and lovely blonde curls. You have a tender heart for orphaned and hurting children and talk regularly about adopting them into our family. You love to sing and knew four verses of Amazing grace before you were 2 years old. You have a rock solid memory like your daddy and it's impossible to get anything past you. You are full of energy and life and it's never a dull moment with you around. You are very loved and I hope you have the most special day today. I love you. Happy Birthday my little Princess.   

Here are a couple of my favorite pics over the last 3 years and here's the story from my old family blog of our sweet little girls entrance into the world.
Fresh out of the oven
So small in her car seat going home from the hospital.
Little girl big bed
Sweet face 
Still loves the swing
1 year
2 years
Sisterly love

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