Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random Honesty

To be honest, I have tried to blog numerous times lately and haven't gotten really far. I still have memories and experiences from Uganda that I want to write about but so far I just have multiple halfway written posts. I am having such a hard time putting to words all that I saw and how I feel now.  I need to just do it and get it out because I don't want to forget anything. 

I have so many random thoughts bouncing around my head on a daily basis. Some that stick out are: 

"How did we get here? How can I "undo" everything we have collected and come accustom to over the past 8+ years?" 

"Do you know how many kids Moses or Ernest would have living with them if they had this size of a house?!?"  

"It's ridiculous that I have so many clothes that I get mad at it when there are people with none." 

"Nobody needs enough clothes for a month, I think I could not do laundry for a month a be just fine. Ugh." 

"Why do we waste so much precious time when there is a world dying with out Christ out there? What am I doing about it?!?" 

"Just show me where in the bible it says that being in debt to a bank for a home loan is OK, show me. And what are we going to do about it?!?" 

" I want to be ready to GO where ever He calls us. What are we going to do to get to that place?" 

"How many things do I label "blessings" that He would call "stumbling blocks". 

"Am I causing my kids to stumble? Am I instilling in them the same struggles that I hate in myself? Love of stuff, finding comfort in the things of this world."

"Why do I waste so much time, effort, and money on things that have no eternal value?" 

"Can we just bow out of the whole Christmas scene this year, it hurts to think about..."

"We have more shoes for my daughter who doesn't even walk than many children around the world will EVER own." 

"Where am I finding my rest, where is my comfort? Christ should be my answer both in word and action." 

"I don't want to bring children into our home and corrupt them with the American dream."  

"God has given the world all the resources we need but we aren't distributing it. We are hoarding it for ourselves while we call it blessings." -this is a big one...

Please understand I am not trying to just be negative... I never want to stop working through these things. God is doing some amazing things and I believe as our family works through these above questions and statements together and we seek Gods will He is going to grow us even more. I just want more of Him. I was told recently that I have no balance and honestly I never want to... 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Adoption Update and Fundraiser! {Necklaces and sling bags}

On our trip we knew we wanted to serve, learn about the culture, and we hoped to build relationships that would lead us to our child(ren) in the future. We were able to do this and I know the Lord has a plan for us and I know that it will all work out in His perfect timing.  

So what now? We are now in the process of getting internationally certified to adopt {so far we have gotten domestically certified}. This involves a lot of paper work and approximately $900.00. 

My little girl loves necklaces
{camera flash not so much}

So that's where you can help! We are selling beautiful handmade Magazine Bead Necklaces. These are beautiful, unique, and very versatile. I love to wear them long, double loop them, or wrap them as a bracelet. These particular necklaces were made with love by the young girls at M2, one of the Remand Homes we were blessed to serve at while on our trip with Sixty Feet. Each one is uniquely different and I have tons of styles to choose from. *These would make wonderful gifts too! hint, hint

Necklaces HERE {this links to my Facebook album}
{$20.00 unless otherwise stated plus $3.00 shipping, you can pay by making a donation above left thru Paypal and leave a comment of what number necklace you want.}

I also have 2 sling bags left for sale for $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping

Sunday, October 2, 2011

All I Have

{My favorite CD we got around Christmas time last year.  I just LOVE it. We bought it at our local Family Christian Stores and every one sold went to International Justice Ministries for the cause against slavery. I don't think they are carrying the CD anymore but have seen used copies on Amazon (here). The songs on this CD are ALL amazing and total resonate James 1:27 and Isaiah 1:17. One of my favorites is from Tenth Avenue North and I wrote out the lyrics below and a link to the song. Check it out and really ponder the words.} 

All I Have
Tenth Avenue North

Forgive me,
Lord for thinking
You would ever need me
Could you ever need me? 
Cause you spoke me into this existence
So why do I resist this?
What is it I cant let go?
Cause all I have is Yours, O Lord
Yes, all I have is Yours

You are Lord of all creation 
Author of salvation
Where else can I go?
Cause even this breath that I am taking 
You have given to me
There's nothing I can call my own
Cause all I have is Yours, O Lord
Yes, all I have is Yours
Oh, all I have is Yours, O Lord
Yes, all I have is Yours

And all I have is what You give me 
What You give is more than I need
So open my hands to give back freely 
The same way You've given to me
All I have is what You give me 
What You give is more than I need
So open my hands to give You freely 
The same way You've given to me

That all I have is Yours, O Lord
Yes, all I have is Yours

All I have, is Yours O Lord
Yes, all I have is Yours

All I have is Yours
All I have is Yours

I just love the part that says 
"And all I have is what You give me 
What You give is more than I need
So open my hands to give back freely 
The same way You've given to me" 

Our money, talent, resources, time, and energy is not our own. We have been blessed so that in return we can go and bless others.  We truly do have more than we need, way more the the majority of the world. Our brothers and sisters across the globe are suffering and we have been given SO much. Praying and seeking what this looks like for our family. 

“The King will reply, 
Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of 
these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."
Matt 25:40