Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Toddler Tuesday- fishing for colors activity

To start getting into a groove before I have get to start Home Schooling, I have started doing "school" with Evelyn during Zoë's morning nap time. I have been taking a topic and expanding on it throughout the week. This week is colors and here's the activity that Evelyn has been having fun doing this week. 
Fishing for Colors 
I cut out fish shapes from various colors of construction paper.
I then 'laminated' them with clear packing tape and put a paper clip on the edge. 

I took a small dowel rod (got a pack from Walmart for .97) and tied some string on one end and secured with hot glue. Then I took 2 small round magnets and hot glued them together with the other end of the string in between. 

This activity is great because they can practice identifying colors and helps develop good eye hand coordination. I ask Evelyn to tell me what color she pulls out and read the letters that spell the colors name. 

Do you have any great pre-school aged resources that you get activities and ideas from? 

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  1. That is awesome! I will definitely be adding that to my lesson plans for the coming year. I am a homeschool newbie and kinda nervous about messing everyone up...so this is a great activity for me! Sounds easy, creative, and very educational. Thanks!
    I am working on getting those resources together for you about name changes. It just is taking me a while:)