Monday, June 13, 2011

Adoption Update

I haven't posted about our adoption in a while....

Here's an update of what we have done so far...
  1. We sent in our fingerprint cards and CPS Clearance form to the state at the end of April. 
  2. We completed our home study meetings at the end of April.
  3. We applied for our passports in the beginning of May. 

Here's where we are at as of today....
  1. We are still waiting on our clearances from the state, apparently, the court sends them in batches and ours was part of a large batch, sent out on May 6, so it’s taking longer to come in. 
  2. Our social worker is almost finished writing our Home Study and will be ready to send in when the above clearances comes through.
  3. We got our passports!!!
We are waiting and it feels like things are going S L O W ... but that's OK because God is in control of this crazy ride and His timing is best... We are praying that our clearances come in soon and that there are no problems that may hold them up... like the chick at the finger print place saying my fingerprints are "worn down" and I may have to do it again! Well I don't know how that is possible but praying they will go through fine anyways.

We do have an exciting announcement (that some may already know)....

 *God willing* both Josh and I are going to Uganda in September!  (WOW,That's like 3 months away!)

We are going on SixtyFeet's first ever Mission Trip! We are so excited to go and serve! We desire for God to use us in the name of the gospel and to be poured into by others we will meet who love Jesus. During this trip we want to love and minister to the children that SixtyFeet serves in the multiple remand homes (best described as prisons) throughout the country. We want to learn more about and experience the beautiful country that our future children are from and hope to build relationships that God may use to bring us to them in the future.   

God has provided through friends, family, strangers, and even my husband wrecking his car a couple months ago.... what could have been seen as a total set back in our finances proved to be a blessing. We received a settlement and instead of purchasing a replacement car at this time we are making due with having one car and using those funds to help pay for a portion of our trip. 
So... We are still working on trusting on the Lord and His provision. He has provided for us each step so far and we know He will continue. I have plans to open an Etsy store soon with items for sale to help us with our adoption expenses. I am hoping for any crafty friends and family to come along side and help make items to sell... wink, wink...

Also, I hope to type up our adoption costs so far and post it here in hopes it may help others who feel God's tugging to adopt get an idea of what to expect.


  1. This is so cool...I am also planning on going on the same missions trip...we adopted our daughter from Uganda in dec and I am dying to go back! Hopefully the trip after that will be for our second adoption :) my blog is will b fun to get to know you guys better...taryn

  2. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! :) I will definitely check yours out too and I am looking forward to getting to know you and serving with you! We hope the same but for our first adoption :)