Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Fun Friday

It's definitely summer here in the Valley of death The Sun. 
I have lived in Arizona all my life and I still can not get use to it being 110. Please don't give me "it's a dry heat", it's just too hot!

Don't get me wrong though... I am excited for the summer and here's how I am making it awesome! stole borrowed this idea from a fellow blogger that I have followed for the past few years. (here's her post)  It helps give the summer months a fun focus. I had a lot of fun making it and Evelyn helped too. This will definitely be even more fun when both the girls get older and they can help more. 

Click picture to view larger
Some of the activities on the list I am sure we will do multiple times throughout the summer. I put this on a large piece of paper right on my pantry door. It's easy to see and a great encouragement to do something new and fun everyday! Go ahead make a list for your family too!  

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