Friday, August 5, 2011

Helping Seth Get His New Bed

What a smile! This is Seth and I have shared about this sweet little guy before here. I am friends with his wonderful mama Melissa. I am writing again to spread awareness about congenital human cytomegalovirus also known as CMV. Congenital meaning "born with". Before he was even born, unknowingly to his parents, he contracted a virus that ravaged his tiny little body and left him with a long list of medical issues. Read his story here to get a glimpse of what this tough little guy has endured in his life so far.  

But don't be discouraged! This beautiful child is full of life and has a wonderful family and support system. He is making progress but with that they need help caring for his specific needs. He is now able to get into a crawling position on his hands and knees (Go Seth!). However, Seth is strong and has recently given himself a black eye after launching himself forward and hit the crib bars!

So, he needs a new big boy bed. Not just any bed, but a very special bed for a very special boy. Two major issues that keep Seth from being safe as he sleeps are his seizures and his lack of ability to see. He has a tendency to bang his head and injure himself when he wakes up and is playing in his crib. He has also had seizures in the night that have caused him to whack himself pretty hard, and as he grows & becomes stronger, the injuries will become worse. The Courtney Bed is a great solution to these problems. It is padded and completely enclosed in mesh, so that a person cannot fall out of it or wander during the night. This bed is expensive. and is not covered by insurance. However, the creator/seller of this bed is willing to lower the cost to $4000. So far they have raised $3000 and have approximately 8 weeks to raise the remaining $1000. 

Please consider helping this wonderful family by making a tax deductible donation here and keeping them in your prayers. 

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