Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update Part 2 {the money}

Like I said we have become very friendly with the employees at our local bank branch. Evelyn actually got a birthday card and lollipop in the mail from them after they heard it was her birthday last weekend and we got to share our new pictures with everyone. 

As far as the money is concerned God has totally been providing. I have been going over the numbers A LOT trying to figure out what we have paid so far, what we still need to pay, and how much we have. Without the right focus the need can become overwhelming. We thank God for what He has provided thus far and know that He will work it all out!

Less than a month ago, when we first announced here that we had received a referral and needed help we had $1,675.54 in our adoption account and as of today God has provided: 

$3,334.83- DONATIONS (many from people who we have never met)
$300.00- BAKE SALE (held by a dear out of town friend and her students) 
$328.50- NECKLACES (sold out of remaining necklaces)
$2,860.00- CAR WASH (multiple large donations from friends & family here)

Total Raised in less than a month : $6,823.33 + the previous balance

It's been amazing so far to see how God has provided every step and how He is moving in others to step up and support us. It has been so encouraging and we are so thankful. Below I have listed out all our expenses thus far as well as our upcoming estimated expenses. I hope this will give a good idea to those supporting us and also help give an idea to those in the process of adopting or thinking about adopting.                                                                            

------------------------------------------- Before referral---------------------------
$1,200.00- Home Study (April 2011)
$62.00- Official copies of birth certificates (April 2011)
$30.00 Finger prints done(April 2011)
$62.00-Finger Prints processed (April 2011)
$280.00- Passports (May 2011)
$244.00- Trip supplies (Aug 2011)
$480.00- Immunizations and Anti Malaria Meds (Aug 2011)
$100.00- Visa in Uganda ($50 each) (Sept 2011)
$4,750.00- September Trip (Plane, lodging, Food) (Sept 2011)
$100.00- Bought Necklaces and Purses to re-sell (Sept 2011) 
$890.00- USCIS (immigration approval) (Nov 2011)
$10.00- Printed background check from police (Feb 2012)
$100.00 Update Home Study {Ages, Special needs} (May 2012)
------------------------------------------- After referral---------------------------
$250.00- Agency application fee (June 2012)
$400.00- Humanitarian aid donation (July 2012)
$2,000.00- Agency Fee (reduced from 4k for our little guy) (June 2012)0
$113.15- Shipping, Ink, stamps for necklaces and letters (Oct 2011-present)
$33.50- Certified Marriage Certificate for Dossier (July 2012)
$30.00- Updated Fingerprints Done (July 2012)
$58.00- Updated Fingerprints Processed (July 2012)
$200.00- Update Home Study (ended up not needing, applied to post placement) (July 2012) 
$70.00- Required learning classes (July 2012)
Total Paid so far: $11,462.65

NOT PAID (Estimated)
$4,500.00- UG Attorney Fees
$550.00- Child birth certificate and passport
$2,000- Foster Care Fees
$110.00- Child Medical Exam
$200.00- Fed Ex Charges for Dossier papers
$100.00- Wire funds charges to Uganda
$230.00-Child Visa
$100.00- Our Visa in Uganda
$4,000- Plane Tickets
$250.00- Child lap Ticket
$1,200.00- Lodging in Country
$1,500.00- Transportation in Country
$1,300.00- Food and supplies in Country
$500.00- Adoption Finalization in US
Total Not Paid yet: $16,540.00

Total Estimated Adoption Costs: $28,002.65

In the bank now: $5,363.41

Estimated NEED : $11,476.59

{Just some background...we started our Adoption process going Independent and then switched to an agency when we heard of our little guy. We decided to go to Uganda last September to help build relationships and serve which not everyone does but for us it was instrumental in opening our eyes to special needs and fall more in love with our sons country. We went with a mission group which helped lower some of the costs.  Just recently (last week) we paid and submitted to have our fingerprints and home study updated and found out the next day that we ended up not needing it. It was an answer to prayer that we wouldn't have to wait 6-8 weeks for this BUT we also were out the money. The in country expenses are estimated for both parents staying for two weeks and one staying the remainder of the time which we hope to be about 5 weeks total but if the stay increased so would the expenses. }

We are planning some sort of Silent Auction for sometime next month and also are hoping to hear back on some grants that we applied for. We are confident that God will provide and thankful for everyone who has helped us so far. 

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