Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Update Part 1 {The Paper Chase}

Since I first wrote THIS post it feels like days are flying by.  We have been knee deep in paper work and it's been a blur. I am a regular at our bank now since I am either depositing more donations or getting something notarized every other day (even had a chance to share my heart with the teller so that was awesome). We have filled out 2 grant applications and sent out 70+ support letters to anyone I ever had an address for all our friends and family :) 

We are currently working on preparing our Dossier. This consists of gathering the craziest list of documents you can imagine and making copies and more copies and having it ALL notarized and sent to our attorney in UG. We have also realized that our Arizona Home Study and clearances are all about to reach the 1 year mark so we need to have those all updated and fingerprints re-done so we can be up to date. (add an extra $350 for that) Needless to say we have had our hands full . 

We have also received more pictures of our sweet little guy which reminds us that it is all TOTALLY worth it! A team was serving at the home where our little boy is at and they gave us tons of wonderful pictures and a lot of feedback about him. From what I heard everyone was smitten with him. I was SO thankful to get these pictures because they really showed more than the first ones we got. He has the sweetest smile and brightest eyes. { wish I could share here but we have to wait until we get him home.} It was so touching to know there were people there visiting and loving on him. So thankful. 

Another cute little hand pic
Little blurry but love his little feet.

The courts go on break for a month so we are hoping to get everything ready on our end while our lawyer is working to get her stuff done so we can file when the courts reconvene August 15th and then we will wait for a court date and get arrangements ready to travel! 
Tomorrow I hope to write about specifics on how God is providing financially and give an update on where we are at on that front! 

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