Monday, July 16, 2012

Answered Prayer and a Prayer Request

Just an update and prayer request... we started the process to update our Home Study and fingerprints (they told us it would take 6-8 weeks) an then upon further discussions with our lawyer we found out the day after we paid for and sent them in that we were going to go ahead and move ahead and not update since it was so close to a year and we need to get him home asap. SO God answered the prayer even though it cost us some money and it's all good, no waiting. So we are praying that {Lord willing} in 8 weeks we will be going to UG rather than waiting for paperwork to come in. We are praying for a September court date. Now we are working super hard to finish getting our Dossier together to send to UG next week and we need to send about $7,250.00 for our next costs. SO we are about $2000.00 short. SO please pray it will all come together : )

Just a little picture of some of the first things we have gotten for our little guy!

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