Thursday, June 7, 2012

Finally Her Turn {Giveaway link}

During our time in Africa I had the privilege of meeting a special little girl. I had heard about her through friends in the blog world and her story broke my heart. This little one had been waiting a very long time for a family of her own. One of the evenings we were at her orphanage during the bath/bedtime rush and I had the privilege of helping sweet Esther get ready for bed. After getting her dressed, my heart broke when I had to carry her to her crib and lay her down. I so wanted to be able to sit with her in a rocking chair and read her a story like I did my girls at home but there was never even time for that with many more little ones waiting to be put to bed too. So I prayed over her and told her that her mommy was coming soon. At that time there was a family whom everyone thought was hers but that door ended up closing but praise be to God He had a plan for her all along and finally her family has found her.  
A truly amazing family has come forward and this little girl now has a mommy, daddy and 15 brothers and sisters. Yes I said 15! Esther will be the 16th child in this special family that is obviously so full of love. In the short time Esther has spent with her new mommy and daddy she has already blossomed SO much. Within the first few days Esther said the word mama {she was was thought to be pretty much non-verbal} and she has been smiling! It's been amazing to see pictures and see her face just lit up. 

Now with the help from Project Hopeful, there is a place to donate and help bring this little girl home to her family ASAP. Amazingly everything has been able to be expedited due to her health needs and her family is heading back for court in 2 short weeks! They need others to step up and come along side them and help to come up with the funds for fees and travel expenses. A wonderful fellow adoptive mommy named Love is having a BIG giveaway to help encourage others to get involved with supporting this family. So go ahead and check out the awesome prizes and get in on the fun by giving and sharing with your friends! 

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