Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Father's Day & Daddy's Birthday

When I started this blog one of the reasons was to keep up with family events so I could have something to look back on but I am not good at it so this is a catch up from Father's Day and Daddy's birthday. 

Both event's fell within a couple days of each other this year so we had a fun weekend to celebrate Josh. We got him a few new shirts and a pair of flip flops for his birthday and the girls got him a tool belt for Father's day. They had so much fun wrapping the presents they also wrapped a couple random things from the living room so he could open those too :) 
Wrapping presents (yes in Christmas paper turned inside out) 
Opening presents. 
Breakfast at our favorite restaurant 
Playing outside
Fun with daddy

We also made daddy some yummy cupcakes and homemade pizza for dinner. 
Helping clean the beaters 

I love this man whose favorite thing to do is spend time with his family and who gives so much to us everyday. He is the best husband and father and we are very blessed to call him our own. 

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