Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mother's Heart For The Forgotten

Tonight {like most nights} I sat next to my oldest daughters bed as we said our good-nights and like most nights she asked me to sing her a song and rub her back. One of her favorites for mommy to sing is the "Uganda Song", which is a song I learned from the children in the prisons we visited in Uganda. As I sang "Let the Mercy of the Lord come down"..."Let the Forgiveness of the Lord come down"...."Let the Peace of the Lord come down"...I couldn't help but to think of those beautiful children in Uganda who I first heard sing those sweet truths while we sat on the cold concrete floor of a prison. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and my heart is aching for these children. These beautiful kids that are without a mothers love.  Many are orphaned, or abandoned, some are lost and don't know where their parent's are and some were even placed in these prisons by their very own parents. I think about my girls and I couldn't even imagine them in these conditions and sometimes it's still hard to believe children are in these places, even after seeing it for myself.

Right now I am not even sure what to do with all these thoughts or how God is moving our family but I do know that this is not the way it should be. All across the world there are children without families. Children with no one to help them feel safe, with no one to tuck them in at night, sing songs, and rub their back. No one to lovingly send them back to bed for the third time, no one to comfort them after a bad dream, or get them a glass of water when they are thirsty. God knows these children, He knows their names and He alone can bring hope and restoration but what we forget is that we are His hands and feet, we have been given the tools, the resources, the hope and we aren't stepping up. We aren't filling that gap. He is once again showing mercy on me and reminding me that His heart aches for them and His heart is in me.