Thursday, May 3, 2012


A couple weeks ago we went camping and since I am so... on top of things, I am just getting around to writing about it now.

We love camping but haven't been since Zoë was born. I think our last trip made us a little hesitant to go again. We ended it early after spending half the night in the car trying to comfort Evelyn after she woke up and realized she did not like sleeping in the woods one bit....
I am happy to report this trip went much better and we had a lot of fun {despite a few hiccups}. 

The girls had a blast exploring, digging in the dirt, roasting eating marshmallows, and collecting as many rocks, pine cones, sticks and leaves that they could carry.
Just digging in the dirt
Evelyn did great and didn't want to leave. She loved being able to get dirty and just be outside. We went on multiple "hikes" {one of which she filled her entire bucket with "special" rocks and insisted mommy carry for her}. She did great sleeping at night and can't wait to go again. 
Checking out the view

Zoë had fun but I could tell towards the end she was missing home {she kept asking to go play in the van instead of being outside}. She had a hard time sleeping; it took her a while to fall asleep and she woke up multiple times. She loved playing, running around, and exploring. She really enjoyed eating gooey marshmallows by the campfire and blowing bubbles.  
Enjoying her "marshs" 
Funny face
Rock climber
We camped at the rim and the view was beautiful. We talked about God's creation and how it displays His awesomeness. We went down to the lake and Evelyn tried catching fish with her net but then settled on a little lady bug she found instead. She tried bringing it home but thankfully for the lady bug it escaped. Whenever we visit the lake we get an ice cream at the camp store before heading back {which is always a high point}. 
Best part of living in AZ
Trying to catch fish with her net
New Friend
Zoë was not a fan of the new friend 
Ice Cream Break
Having Fun

So all in all we had a great trip with little hiccups until the ride home, where we got 2 flat tires on the same wheel of our pop up trailer {yeah changed it once and then it blew again}...but thankfully we were about 30 minutes from home when we got the second one and were able to get it towed. We are excited to go many times this summer and we are planning a beach trip in a couple months. 

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