Saturday, September 8, 2012


This morning I set out early to run a few errands and then go to our church and help set up for a father daughter tea that my friend Heather asked me a few weeks ago if I could help her set up. As I was driving there I was thinking... wow I am crazy, I should be home packing or something ;) I texted her and told her I was there and she told me to come in since she was already there. Well turns out I wasn't really there to set up for a tea party.... I was seriously so confused as I walked in and saw a couple dozen of our family and friends shouting "Surprise!" 

My Sister-in-law Bethany had created a wonderful party with some of the cutest decorations and yummiest food {also must be noted, she had her wisdom teeth out like days before this!}. We were blessed with gifts and prayers for our little guy and our upcoming trip. It was such an unexpected surprise that we are so grateful for. Here are a few pictures.... {disclaimer, I am wearing no makeup and it is super obvious I have had numerous late nights lately.... wish I would have known I was going to be photographed before I ran out of the house!
My confused entrance
Such cute decorations
And this is so adorable, with notes to Levi
This is hanging in my house now ;)
My sister-in-law Beth and I, she did an amazing job
Heather and I
My mom, sister and I
Josh and his brother and friend Josh
 Dani and I 
Josh and his sister
The Steiners
Opening gifts
LOVE this blanket my mom made
Everyone praying for us

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