Monday, September 24, 2012

A Room For Levi

I am not able to post much right now so I wanted to share some photos of our little guys room that I took on my phone before we left. Josh had the vision and did a lot of it and I helped. :) I think it turned out really great and was fun to do. Something he can grow into that's not really babyish. Hoping he will like it and like his crib. I think he will really like rocking chair. 
Josh painted the Canvas's
We made the mobile from little stuffed animals from UG 

Can't wait to rock our boy to sleep :)
These were Josh's when he was young, made by his Grandma C
Teddy from Daddy (all the kids have one) 
Josh painted this, he made a stencil. 


  1. Oh my goodness! You two did an awesome job!!! That is a room he can grow with and not out of! Great job and he will love it. So exciited for your and your family!

  2. Amazing painting Josh (and Christen)!!!!! You are a great team!!! cannot wait to see your little guy in his room soon :)!!!