Friday, September 2, 2011

Leaving On A Jet Plane .... or 4

Technically, we have already left Phoenix on one jet plane and three more await us tomorrow. The first leg of our trip we have traveled from Phoenix, AZ to Atlanta, GA. A three hour plane ride where we gained three hours, so needless to say that even thought it's technically 11:30 pm as I type here in Georgia, it just feels weird to go to bed when it's only 8:30pm at home.  So I write...

We have been blessed to stay with sweet friends whom we met back in April when they traveled to Phoenix and hosted a Sixty Feet "Bereaved" video night. That's when we first felt God leading us towards this trip. We sat at the famous Joe's Farm Grill eating BBQ chicken pizza and beet salad (ha ha Laura) while Gary told us about his first trip to Uganda that he had just arrived home from.  I was already so excited about the work God was doing though SixtyFeet and hearing it from his point a view, I just knew I wanted to be a part of it first hand.
The Hill's 

So here we are, our first time leaving the country, and we are traveling all the way accross the world to Uganda. We leave tomorrow with a group of people that other than Laura, I have never met in person. I am excited and nervous. It's hard to believe this day is actually here. I miss my girls, saying bye to them this morning was hard but, I know God is blessing this trip and this is where He wants me.

So, first we fly to Chicago, have a 2 hour layover and then off to Amsterdam with another 2 hour layover, then to Rwanda and finally landing in Uganda at around 11:00pm Sunday night (UG time). I still don't even know how to wrap my mind around being in an airplane that long!

In the airport, waiting to board.

So now to bed. Loving Atlanta, wish we had more time to see it all! It's so green and love laying in the quiet listening to the crickets chirp. (I think the scorpions at our house ate all ours)

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