Friday, September 9, 2011

A Beautiful Mess {guest blog post}

I had the priveledge of guest posting over at Good To Be Crazy while here in Uganda, here's what I wrote from my experience visiting M4 for the first time.

"As I sit listening to the rain pounding on the metal roof, she lays against my chest, sound asleep. It took a few minutes for her to warm up to me enough to let me hold her. My eyes burn with tears and my heart breaks for this beautiful little girl. She's naked and I hold her close to myself, afraid of her becoming too cold. The temperature quickly dropped as the rain came down and I wish I just had a blanket to help shield her.

I pray over her, hoping the spirit will speak through me because my words fail. If I was to guess, this little girl is about two but I am starting to realize that the effects of malnutrition make it very hard to tell. I gaze into her sad eyes and wonder how long she has been here, how she was brought here, and where her mommy and daddy are.

It's clear that the caregivers in this facility love the children dearly and are very protective of them. They care for them the best that they can with the limited resources they have available. But it's not a substitute for a loving family with a Mommy and a Daddy.

It was beautiful and yet heart wrenching to watch the older children step up and care tenderly for the younger ones. When it was time to leave it was painful to hand that little girl back into the arms of a young girl who is still just a child herself.
The pain I have seen here in the last couple days has felt like more than I can bear at times. But I have also seen such genuine joy and love for Jesus that it is almost just as overwhelming. I have seen things that I pray I will never forget. I plead with my Jesus to change my heart forever."

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