Sunday, April 10, 2011

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

My oldest daughter will be 3 this summer and her cleverness surprises me everyday.

In our house a very typical scene is me trying to get my daughter Evelyn to put her clothes back on. This often turns into a game in her mind and she tries to do whatever possible to get out of getting dressed. (I guess clothes are just a hassle, she would much rather run free.) We'll, she does this in a variety of ways; wrestling free, running away, and straight up ignoring me. 

The other day she took it to a whole new level when I noticed her "ignoring me". She was acting like she wasn't hearing me; turning her head to the side, swaying back and forth, and just being silly. (hopefully you can get the picture I'm painting) Then she says:

"Short Term Memory Loss...."

Yes my friends she was pulling a Dory from Finding Nemo... 

*** And yes I proceeded to tell her No she does not suffer from short term memory loss, just disobedience but after we both got a good laugh first!

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