Tuesday, March 29, 2011

True Religion

5 MILLION children die of hunger or hunger related disease every year

Just STOP and actually think about this.

26,000 children die of EASILY preventable causes everyDAY. 
(Thats 1 child every 3 seconds.)

Over HALF the world lives on less than $2 a day.

We are rich. Oh so rich.

It is estimated that it would cost $13 Billion to provide basic nutrition to every starving person in the world.

Christians in the U.S spend approximately:
$3 Billion on bottle water
$11 Billion on coffee
$13 Billion on our pets
$20 Billion on soft drinks
$21 Billion on cable TV
$105 Billion on eating out



  1. Christen - this is wonderful and it will be a joy to "journey" along with your family. I plan on coming to the film on the 15th. Will by praying for your efforts to adopt and following on here and FB. What a joy! Susanne Lynch

  2. Thanks so much Susanne! Pray is VERY much welcomed! This is totally new and exciting. So happy you will be there on the 15th! Pass it along at ChristChurch! Sandy will try and bring fliers to womens ministry on Thurs she said :)