Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Breaking the Ice

   This is my first official blog post and I am excited! I am excited about what God will do with this little blog and most importantly I am excited about the amazing story God has for my family. We are starting out on a completely new adventure and I welcome you to come along with us!

    It is my desire to love God with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all my strength and thus love others in such a way. This is where the idea of Loving with Reckless Abandonment came from. I want to love God in such a way that it seems foolish and to love others, especially the least of these, in such a way that I am ready to forsake myself and respond!

    I am not perfect, don't claim to be perfect, and this side of Heaven will never be perfect.  BUT I serve a God who IS and lavishes His Amazing Grace on me daily. He is growing me step by step and He is shaping and molding my desires, thoughts, and feelings to His will. I am thankful for it! I point to Him and want to be able to say, "Follow with me as I follow Christ." ( I know the saying is suppose to be  "Follow Me" and not "Follow with me." but I want to do this journey together.

Alright,  Let's Go!

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