Monday, August 13, 2012

Auction Results!

WOW!  What a whirlwind this Online Silent Auction has been! God totally blessed it and made it SO much bigger than I expected. We had over 100 items from donors all over the country. Many items from friends and family but many more from people I don't even know personally.We are so thankful for so many who came along side and helped make this auction successful! We had an AWESOME spread, with so many amazing items. On my end it was fun watching some of the bidding get a little heated and bids go back and forth between people who really wanted something. :)

THANK YOU to all who donated items and even shipped it to the winners! You gave some awesome stuff and if it wasn't my auction I would have bid on it all!  Your generosity made this possible and we are so very thankful. 

THANK YOU to all who bid on items, whether you won or not we wouldn't be anywhere without you. We hope you had fun and we are so thankful for your support. 

THANK YOU to all who shared about the auction through your Facebook Page, Pinterest, Blog, email, or word of mouth! It made a HUGE impact and reached SO many people! 

and a VERY Special THANKS to my amazing friend Taryn! When I asked her if she wanted to help she immediately said YES and totally ran with it. It was because of her we got the majority of our auction donations. I stand in awe of how God has orchestrated this story. I met Taryn when we both went to Uganda last September on a mission trip with SixtyFeet. It was on that trip that Josh and I made some amazing friends that have been huge sources of encouragement and support to us this past year despite being hundreds of miles away. It was through Taryn that God brought us to adopting Levi and she has prayed for and supported us so much. It's crazy we almost let our fear get in the way of us going! God is definitely in the details... I totally see that even more clearly recently. So thankful! 

SO now to the results! The final bids ended with
and that total keeps going up as winners have been giving above what their bids were! We are almost there and preparing ourselves to be ready to go when we get that long awaited court date! {Pray for Sept}
Now a little housekeeping. If you bid on any items in the Auction please check HERE if you won. You *should* have received an email from me but a few have said they haven't so here's what you need to do... 

What we need from you is to send your winning amount thru our Paypal button on the righthand side of the Auction blog as soon as possible. (Would you also consider donating a couple extra dollars to help cover paypal costs?)

After you have made payment please e-mail me at {fortnerfamily03 at} with the item(s) you won and a good mailing address. If the item you have won requires that you have contact with the donor for personalization/etc please also send a good e-mail address that we can forward on to the donor.

 After I receive your payment and information I will THEN contact the donor to send your item to your mailing address or contact you via email if your item needed to be customized. 

Thank You for doing this a quickly as possible so I can wrap it up and you can get your items asap. 

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