Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making a Mess aka Toddler Art

I am always looking for fun and easy art projects to do with the girls and I have been really diggin using Pinterest in my search. There are a ton of great ideas and I love being able to easily sort them to go back to later. Here are a few things we have made recently. 

Toilet Paper Roll
Construction Paper
Googly Eyes
Pipe Cleaner (for antennae)
Paint Brush
Glue Gun (for pipe cleaner)
Painting with lot's of enthusiasm 
I had the girls paint their tube and then they decorated the wings I had pre-cut out (older kids could do this themselves but we are still working on cutting with E). When it was dry enough we glued on the wings, eyes, and antenna (the pipe cleaner needed to be hot glued so I did that myself)

Romaine Lettuce End (sliced off with knife)
White Construction Paper
Paint or Ink

I first saw this and thought it looked so pretty and one afternoon Evelyn asked if we could do an art project and I thought I would try it with what I had on hand. I think it would have turned out better with a larger head of lettuce than we had and ink instead of paint but the girls had a blast anyways and it turned out cute.  

Finished Project
White Construction Paper
Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Roll
Colored Paint

This was really easy and super fun. ZoĆ« could hold it and stamp on her own really easily.

{Hmmm..... I am starting to see a little 
pattern with the whole toilet paper roll thing. 
Wow didn't realize so many of our art projects had that in common} 

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars 
2 Toilet Paper Rolls
Hole Punch
Markers, paint, stickers (whatever you want to decorate with)
Hot Glue (stays better than regular glue)

Evelyn had a date with daddy to go to the zoo so while he got lunches packed and everything together we made some of these for her trip and she had so much fun looking at all her favorite animals with them. 

Construction Paper (black, white, orange, blue)
Big Googly Eyes

For this I cut out all the pieces for Evelyn but an older child could do some of the cutting themselves. I showed her what it looked like put together and then just gave her all the pieces and let her do it on her own. Pretty easy and fun. 

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